employers survey

In order to assist XL Training with monitoring the quality and the delivery of vocational qualifications, with the aim of making continuous improvements, please complete the survey below. Alternatively you can download a paper copy here and send it to us.

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1. Have you been given a full explanation of the assessment process and the programme the candidate is on ?

2. Are you clear about your role in the assessment process of the Apprentice, i.e., Witness Testimony, Quarterly Reviews, support etc?

4. Do you feel you can discuss any problems with XL Training and is a satisfactory solution usually arrived at?

5. Are you happy with the progress of the candidate, if not please state if this is an issue with the candidate or with XL Training?

6. Would you recommend the Apprenticeship programme to other people?

7. Are there any other comments/suggestions that you would like to make so that we can improve on our services?

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