Employers Benefits




employees receive recognised qualifications without day release

higher quality of goods and services

improved customer service

confirmation of employee competence

more focused staff development, training and retention

greater competitiveness

improved employee morale and motivation

Employer Information



Employers often ask regarding Minimum Wage information. HMRC has accurate, up to date information which can be viewed here

Employment Contract information here

XL Training are an Equal Opportunities Employer 

We encourage all Employers to follow good practice, please refer to the ACAS website for information and practical advice

For information on Health and Safety please refer to the HSE.

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  Formerly Learn Direct

ACAS   Equality Act 2010EHR  Advice for Small Business

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Modern apprenticeships, Scottish and National Vocational Qualifications are the national benchmarks for the work-based assessment of a candidates ability to do a specific job Organisations that have based their training on these standards have realised many benefits. A well motivated, highly trained workforce adds value to your organisation and is essential to your future growth. National vocational qualifications can deliver this kind of added value.